Wave Up has gained a unique know-how in the field of metasurfaces and has developed an unequaled set of tools for the design, optimization and synthesis of Metasurface Antennas.

Metamaterials are artificially engineered materials which posses eletromagnetic properties that are not easily found in nature through a pattern of small metallic inclusions inside a host medium. Metasurfaces are planar metamaterials which can be readily fabricated using existing technologies such as lithography and nanoprinting methods. Metasurface antennas allow to guide electromagnetic waves and to trigger their radiation thanks to small metallic shapes printed directly on the substrate which tailor the desired electromagnetic properties on this composite material point by point.

Metasurface Antennas can synthesize a variety of pattern shapes which best suit each application. Multibeam is also a possible implementation.

Why choosing Metasurface Antennas?

Because Metasurface antennas offer:

  • Ultra-low profile. Height of a typical Metasurface antenna is generally less than 10 mm, including the support.
  • Low cost. Standard PCB fabrication techniques can be used.
  • Low weight. High-gain (~40 dBi) Metasurface antennas for the Ka band (30 GHz) can weigh less than 1 kilogram.
  • Polarization and pattern shape control. The beam can be shaped at will (pencil beam, sector beam, isoflux, etc.).
  • Simple feeding system. Metasurface antennas can be fed by a single feeding point through a standard coaxial connector.
  • Amenable to dynamic reconfiguration. No phase shifters required.

Some of our prototypes (click for more info)


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