What we do

WaveUp designs and delivers innovative electromagnetic solutions. WaveUp offers its expertise to satisfy any need of its clients with custom solutions, with major applications in telecommunications, defense and space.
We are specialized in:
design of innovative and high performance planar antennas, such as reflectarray, radial slot line antennas RLSA, holographic antennas;
modeling of complex electromagnetic problems, such as antenna radiation in operative environment, wave propagation in the atmosphere;
development of microwave and millimeter wave circuits, both in planar and waveguide technology;
electromagnetic field measurements, such as risk analysis of human exposure to electromagnetic radiation;
design of metamaterial-based electromagnetic devices, such as planar lenses, compact antennas, filters and polarizers;
consultancy and feasibility studies for the development of technologically advanced products.
radar systems for any smart cities‘ applications.

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Our Work

Oindustries (e.g. Galileo Avionica, Selex) and in research projects with international agencies (e.g. European Space Agency, American Defense Laboratory).

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