Our prototypes are tested and fully characterized directly in our own measurement facility at the Metasurface Laboratory for a complete control across the entire prototyping process.

The Metasurface Lab is a joint collaboration between Wave Up and the Department of Information Engineering and Mathematics of the University of Siena with the aim of conducting research activities on propagation and irradiations of metamaterials and metasurfaces, as well as measurements and electromagnetic characterization of devices and materials.

The measurement setup, hosted inside a fully shielded anechoic chamber (ETS Lindgren), is based on a near-field spherical test range and has the following capabilities:

  • walls reflectivity -40 dB
  • frequency range 10 GHz - 40 GHz
  • antenna max. weight 10 kg
  • gain measurement
  • antenna diagnostics

Please contact us for more details about our testing capabilities.

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