Conjugate-Matched Metasurface Enhanced Array

Wave Up has designed and numerically validated a MTS-enhanced array solution for the simplification of a radar transponder antenna in UHF band. It consists of a sparse array comprising only 8 crossed dipoles with an overlying MTS screen. The reduced number of array elements results in a simpler structure, a simpler feeding network and a lower coupling between elements with respect to a classical array solution. The MTS is synthetized through a simple metallic grid positioned over a ground plane.

The antenna has a gain higher than 25 dB, cross-polar component < 40 dB and side lobes < -45 dB for 70°< θ <180°. The circular aperture has a radius equal to 4 wavelengths at the central frequency, corresponding to an aperture efficiency of more than 50%. This solution offers simplicity, cost and weight reduction with respect to conventional arrays, while providing excellent performances in terms of polarization purity, side lobes, directivity and symmetry of the pattern.

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